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about east harriet


neighborhood history

Colonel William S. King directly influenced the shape and tone of East Harriet. His summer estate, Lyndale Farmstead, was situated on land now designated as a park bearing the same name. King was also instrumental in setting aside as park lands the vast acreage encircling Lake Harriet.

East Harriet Landmarks

East Harriet is home to several well known attractions, landmarks and green spaces in Minneapolis. These include:

East Harriet Neighborhood Association (EHNA) History

EHFNA officially incorporated in 1991 as one of the first six neighborhoods to participate in the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP). East Harriet neighbors have used - and are using - the NRP process to identify and meet our neighborhood's needs. The volunteer help of committed neighbors and business owners was instrumental as EHNA planned and implemented the original Neighborhood Action Plan.


One of the most noticeable beneficiaries has been Lyndale Farmstead Park. For many years, the park building was used as a daycare facility and community programs and events were nearly nonexistent. In the past ten years, the park has been transformed into a popular neighborhood gathering place. EHFNA partially funded staff at the park until the Minneapolis Park Board took over staff payroll in 2000. Additionally, EHNA has funded new park lighting, tennis courts, and playground equipment.


Over $1 million has been invested in neighborhood housing through several programs. Most notably, 90 neighborhood homeowners have taken advantage of low interest Home

East Harriet Neighborhood Association (EHNA) History



was contributed to Barton School's landscaping, outdoor lighting, front facade, fencing and irrigation system.

eh trees.jpeg


trees planted throughout the neighborhood.



worth of matching grants were provided to 15 neighborhood businesses as part of the Business Facade Improvement Program.

…and so much more!

Excited about the work EHNA does in the community?

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