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The East Harriet Neighborhood Association (EHNA) serves as a voice of our community when connecting with the city. We foster relationships with our neighbors, partners and the natural environment. It is our vision to foster a just, engaged and livable community, to amplify the voices of all. 


East Harriet's volunteer board of directors consists of neighborhood residents and business owners who serve two-year terms. Board members have a broad variety of occupational backgrounds and interests. They focus their energies on the overall direction of the neighborhood as well as on committee work.




Maggie Zawasky

vice president





Beth Popalisky

At-large members

about the committees

Neighborhood & Equitable Engagement

When: 6:30pm, the 1st Wednesday of even numbered months.

Where: Online or at Farmstead Park


This committee focuses on events (such as Fall Fest, the Kite Festival) and outreach (i.e. the quarterly newsletter). A crucial goal for this committee is to make sure all residents and business owners are informed about what's happening in the neighborhood. 

Parks & Special projects

When: 7:30pm, the 1st Wednesday of even numbered months.

Where: Online or at Farmstead Park


​Are you hoping to support projects related to our wonderful neighborhood parks, schools and special funding initiatives - join the Parks and Special Projects Committee!


Two ways to get connected:

  • Attend a committee meeting based on your area of interest!

  • The neighborhood at-large elects new board members at EHFNA's annual meeting and we are always looking for new faces, new energy, and new ideas to join us. Interested in learning more? Contact the East Harriet office by calling 612.430.9161 or contacting us via email.

Our Services




View the East Harriet Neighborhood Association's bylaws.


Grievance Policy

View Grievance Policy found on page 5, Article XI of the Neighborhood Association's bylaws.


Standard of Conduct Policy

View the Neighborhood Association's Standard of Conduct Policy for EHNA meetings, Mission Statement and Vision.

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